Four Star Pizza's 'Delinquent Horse' Prank Is The Single Biggest April Fool's WTF Of All Time


Four Star Pizza

We've let our eyes glaze over the vast majority of April Fool press releases that flowed into the inbox this morning – those pranks you see about tea-flavoured ice cream, supermarket floor signage for smartphone addicts and whatnot.

A bit lame, but generally well thought out and ultimately harmless.

One, though, grabbed our attention...



Starving, abandoned horses in urban common areas! Delivering pizza!


It included a banterful, pun-filled quote from Brian Clarke, who is 'spearheading' the 'project' for the pizza company.

At times it’s been a bit of a mare but we have to keep focused on the bigger picture. We wanted to add to our stable by diversifying our delivery channels and give something back to the community.

Some of the recruits to the initiative have had it tough but enrolling with Four Star has given them a sense of purpose. Initially the pizzas were late and there has been an issue with involuntary excretion on customer’s doorsteps but we’re galloping ahead.

We bolded up the horse puns there, in case you couldn't see them through the massive shoehorn.

Oh, and of course, it wouldn't be an April Fools prank without a mocked-up image...

Four Star Pizza

Of course, for organisations such as the Dublin SPCA, the issue of urban 'delinquent' horses isn't so funny – as you can see here.

We reached out to Four Star's representatives to check whether it's all part of some awareness or fundraising campaign, or to check whether a donation will be made as part of the gag. But they said:

There’s no donations as part of this, it’s purely an online piece for April Fool’s Day – Four Star have a charity partner in place separately.

The idea of starving animals delivering food seems like a bizarrely gruesome joke to make, April Fool's Day or not.

And in a week where Base spent a day giving out free pizza in aid of Pieta House, this really isn't a good look for Four Star.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan