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03rd Dec 2018

There’s Thousands Of Free Pints Of Guinness Going A-Begging In Dublin This Month

Darragh Berry

You had us at free, good sir.

You might remember that Kylie Minogue was forced to cancel a concert in Dublin just hours before she was supposed to play the 3Arena.

The Aussie hit-machine singer was forced to cancel because of a vocal strain due to a throat infection but promised that the pints would be on her when she rescheduled.

“I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible and at 100%. (The Guinness will be on me!),” she said back in October and that promise will not be broken apparently.

Apparently, Guinness themselves are footing the bill for all the lovely pints of creamy.

“Tonight is the first of the rescheduled shows in Dublin and Belfast.

“I promised the Guinness was on me, but wait… Guinness Storehouse have made it even better!

“Here I am with ‘The perfect pint’ and you can have the same! Present your #GoldenTour ticket for the Dublin or Belfast show and you’ll get free entry to The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and a pint of the black stuff. (For over 18s only).

“Can’t wait to see you at the shows. CHEERS!!”

Free admission is fantastic and everyone knows that if you have an admission ticket, whether you’ve paid for it or got it for free, you get a lovely free pint of creamy up the very top.

Kylie plays the 3Arena tonight, December 3rd.

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