From Today, You Can Top Up Your Leap Card Using Your Smartphone



Our problems are over. ALL of them.


From today, Android users with NFC-enabled smartphones will be able to top up their Leap Cards on the go by downloading this app.

That means no more sinking feeling as you realise you're in the middle of Ballinteer with no shops nearby, no credit on your Leap Card, no change and no way to get back to the civilised bosom of the city centre.

Once again: YAAAAAAY!

They've made one of those mildly irritating corporate videos with a mildly irritating upbeat backing track to demonstrate how it will work – have a look below.

It's not available for iPhone users just yet – they'll have to wait until Apple Pay launches in Ireland for the service to be available.

But hey. They already get most of the good stuff, so we're claiming this one for Team Android.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan