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15th Mar 2018

Gardai Are Organising An Anti-Terrorism Operation In Dublin For St. Patrick’s Day


An anti-terrorism operation led by an Garda Siochana will be put in place for Dublin on St. Patrick’s day to lower the chance of a terrorist attack, reports The Irish Times.

A minimum of 20 large vehicles such as fire trucks will be parked at key locations along the parade route in town and the Armed Response Unit and Emergency Response Unit will also be on standby and ready to respond instantly with support available in other areas of the country.

The Irish Times says of the special policing plan that it understands this will be the first time a full-scale anti-terror operation will unfold in Dublin.

Garda sources stress that there is no “specific intelligence to suggest Ireland is a target from international terror groups.”

“These are practical measures built into the regular policing plan. It reflects the times we live in but its precautionary and there is definitely no need for any concern,” one officer told The Irish Times.

Gardai will also be discreetly patrolling the parade and say that the plan will be unintrusive for people enjoying the parade.