Gardaí Looking For Man Who "Exposed Himself" To People In Dublin Park This Morning

The incident took place on Bank Holiday Monday morning and people are being asked to be wary walking through the area.


Gardaí have confirmed that they are currently looking into an incident which happened on Bank Holiday Monday morning where a man "exposed himself" to people in a park.

The man allegedly walked up Tolka Valley Park in Blanchardstown with his man bits out for all to see.

The flashing was reported to the Gardaí but by the time they got there, they couldn't find the person in question.

They are currently investigating the matter and have urged people to be very careful if passing through the area.

During the heatwave in mid-July, a man was fined for sunbathing naked in an apartment complex in Longford.

The defendant said that the reason he decided to strip and sunbath completely naked was because it was one of the hottest days of the year.

People who are naked or flash members of the public can be hit with as much as a €200 fine.

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