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11th Mar 2018

Gardai Investigating North Dublin Criminal Gangs Have Homes And Cars Vandalised


Two members of the Gardai have been targeted as part of a suspected intimidation campaign by a criminal gang that in Dublin that is under investigation. 

The Journal reports that the officers have had their homes and cars vandalised – one Garda’s tyres were slashed and his car was keyed while the other office returned home one night to find his windows of his home had been smashed. 

It’s understood that the two officers have been targets because of their involvement into the investigation of a criminal gang in Dublin north-east. One suspect asked the Garda how his car was while being interviewed.

No criminal complaints have been brought forward about the attacks. 

The Garda Representative Association has long said that officers repeatedly come under pressure from criminal elements.

In a statement to, the Garda Representative Association spokesman John O’Keeffe said that the issue of Gardai intimidation is common.

He said: “It is part of their day to operational duties that they may expect that from time to time, threats may be made to both themselves and also their families and friends. It is a very serious matter faced therefore by all our membership during the course of their working careers. It is sadly becoming an ever-increasing aspect of the job.

O’Keefe stated that they were calling for the issuance of body cameras and Tasers for all front line Gardai.