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31st Jan 2019

PICS: Girl Receives Abuse Over The Phone After Abortion In Dublin As She’s Asked To Rebook A Scan By Scammer

Darragh Berry

The HSE is currently investigating an incident where a girl who had an abortion in Dublin was verbally abused over the phone after her information was seemingly leaked.

This girl had had a medical abortion in Holles Street and while she was at home recovering she received a text from a number she didn’t know.

The text said that she needed to rebook her scan for the following Monday and had information about the woman’s name, address and phone number.

The girl was sketchy about the message and got in contact with Holles Street where the procedure took place.

They told her that it wasn’t them who had contacted her.

So, she rang the number from the text and there was a man on the other end of the line who allegedly “started screaming down the phone at her saying she was disgusting for what she did”.

A statement released by the HSE said that they are investigating the matter as it is a “breach of patient information”.

“The Minister has been quite clear abortion services should be viewed as a normalised part of the health service and women should not be subjected to any intimidation or harassment.”