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26th Sep 2018

PIC: Talks Of A Rail Link Between Dublin And Edinburgh Via A Sea Bridge Would “Transform Economy”

Darragh Berry

The Evening Times is reporting that there is a plan to build a rail link from Edinburgh to Dublin via Glasgow and Belfast.

The Celtic bridge in the North Channel would be a “powerhouse” and would help create a better and faster transport link between the two cities.

The report by the Glasgow Urban Laboratory based at the School of Art stated:

“Other countries notably France, have done a great deal to shrink distance and time by investing in advanced infrastructures to speed up communications and enhance mobility in their urban systems.

“For example, a fast rail link from Edinburgh via Glasgow and Belfast, to Dublin built in partnership with the Irish Government and Northern Irish administration, with a Celtic version of the Oresund Bridge, in the North Channel with fast links to Aberdeen via Dundee and to Inverness would be ambitious, visionary and transformative for all concerned.”

The bridge connecting the two countries would be based on the Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden as seen below.

Sea Bridge 1

The Celtic link would be almost 300 miles long.

Speaking on BBC Radio earlier this year, Professor Alan Dunlop – who came up with the idea originally – said that the new bridge would boost both Irish and Scottish economies and help the post-Brexit border issue.

“It would be a wonderful thing – a connection between Scotland and Ireland.

“There are two ways it could go. It could go from Portpatrick to Bangor or Larne, but there are significant environmental and geological challenges there.

“We do have incredibly talented architects and engineers in Scotland so I am sure that as a technical challenge it wouldn’t be insurmountable.

“The shorter route would be from around Campbeltown, the Mull of Kintyre across to the Antrim coast.”

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