Good To Know How You Really Feel – This Fine Gael TD Tweeted That He Hates 'Beggars'

What a responsible attitude, eh?


It must be a right pain when something from the past comes back to bite you in the arse.

That said, we can't say we have too much sympathy for Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell, who tweeted the below back in 2010 – before he was elected to the Dáil, but while he was a councillor for Fingal.

In fact, he'd served as Mayor of the borough before he posted the tweet, which resurfaced today, revealing that his "pet hate has to be beggars".

The tweet resurfaced today thanks to the eagle-eyed Andrew Spooner, who observed that Farrell must be "bent out of shape" to take such a blunt attitude towards such issues.

It's not the first time the TD has been criticised for lacking sensitivity with regards to sensitive issues – he was previously forced to apologise after calling singer Sinéad O'Connor "mad as a brush".

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan