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19th Feb 2018

Graphic Pro Life Posters Near Dublin Primary School Branded “Disgusting”


Graphic Pro Life posters erected at the Marlborough Luas stop in Dublin city centre have been branded “disgusting” by Councillor Eilis Ryan. 

The posters include text such as “Abortion is child sacrifice”, lines from the bible, pictures of a Satanic figure and aborted foetuses.

They were erected by the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR) less than 300m away from primary school Scoil Chaoimhin. 

“They’re disgusting, to be honest I think they are probably the worst that I have ever seen,” Councillor Ryan told The Independent.

“For a young child to see those images is just really irresponsible for people who claim to care about children.”

Given that the foetuses shown in the posters were aborted at 22 weeks rather than the 12 weeks being proposed if the Eighth Amendment is repealed, Ryan is concerned about the spread of false information. 

“It misleads people into believing that abortion is something that it’s not. I think it’s important that these posters are monitored in terms of their accuracy,” she added.

To see the posters, click here (warning: graphic content). 

The Advertising Standards Authority confirmed that almost 30 complaints have been received so far about advertising materials related to the upcoming referendum. 

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