Here Are The 15 Richest Celebrities From Ireland

Any chance of a loan, lads?


Yesterday, The Sunday Independent released their yearly Rich List, revealing Ireland's wealthiest people.

While plenty of our country's biggest business people were topping the list, such as Sean O'Brien and recent addition to the Billionaire's Club Michael O'Leahy, we thought we'd look at the top Irish celebrities who made the list.

You might be surprised at who makes more than who, but I'm pretty sure no one will be surprised with number 1...

15. Colin Farrell (€31.5m)


14-13. Bob Geldof & Louis Walsh (€32m) 

Louis Walsh

12. Graham Norton (€34m)


11-8. Niall Horan, Liam Neeson, Van Morrison, Michael Fassbender (€35m)

Van Morrison
Fassbender Laugh

7. Robbie Keane (€38m)

Robbie Keane

6. Pierce Brosnan (€51m)


5. Rory McIlroy (€99m)


4-1. U2 (€755m)

Us Live

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