Here's A Few Things We Learned At The Barry's Tea Taste Of Dublin Launch

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


On Tuesday, May 11, we went along to the Barry's Tea Lunch, held in association with Taste Of Dublin at swanky Chapter One on Parnell Square.

We were wined and dined and it got us very excited about the upcoming event Taste of Dublin, happening this June. 

Here's a few things we discovered on the day...

1. Barry's Tea have launched a new loose leaf tea

And it's GORGEOUS.

Smooth, rich and tasty - it went down perfectly with the dessert made by Chapter One's head pastry chef Darren Hogarty, which was infused with Dingle Gin, and of course, Barry's latest product.

The tea will be making its way through the festival circuit this summer, so you'll get your chance to indulge in the good stuff pretty shortly. 

2. The theme of the event was 'Irish chefs coming home'

It was all about acknowledging the Irish food industry, and celebrating the growing opportunities professionals in the food and drink business finally have here in Ireland.

The menu also highlighted the decadence in Irish produce, and just how lucky we are to have such a fruitful food economy.

3. Barry's is hand crafted solely in Ireland

On the beautiful Kinsale road. Most of their staff have been working there for 20, 30 or even 40 years. Their head tea tester (what a job!) has just turned 70.

Beautiful shots of original pieces of tea-making equipment, used first in 1901 and still in use today, adorned the incredible menus.

4. Expect fusions of old and new at Taste of Dublin

Head pastry chef, Darren Hogarty, brought us through his thought process in creating the beautiful cake we were served with our tea. 

Infused with Dingle Gin and Barry's new loose leaf tea, the cake was topped with a layer of white chocolate sheet icing, embellished with intricate tattoo-like designs, as Darren himself commented that he's ''never seen a chef without a heap of tattoos''.

Afterwards, when things were winding down and the tea was heating up, the winner of Lovin Dublin's Best Chef 2016, Ross Lewis, came out and got us all aflutter with an anecdote about how the best is yet to come.

We can't help but think that this is a message for those of you lucky enough to get to attend the Taste of Dublin this Summer. Watch this space...

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