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16th Aug 2017

Here’s Where Leaving Cert Students Can Avail Of Free Doughnuts Tomorrow


Got your results today?

Well done you!

Whether they’re good, bad or indifferent – you completed a monstrously difficult task and you deserve rewards. Preferably, of the edible kind. 

And you’re in luck – because none other than Harvey Norman are sorting you out with tasty treats as a welcome-to-the-real-world starter pack. 

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The treats will be available all day on Thursday, August 17 in 13 stores around the country.

Those attending will also be able to avail of €100 cashback on all computers and Macs over €699, with a further 10% off all computers for one day and one day only. 

Treats ‘n’ discounts – just the way we like it. 

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