PIC: Irish Michelin Restaurant Chef Left Extremely Angry After Last Minute Request

They "booked two weeks ago" but only gave a "10 mins notice" for this

Bastion Main

Over the weekend, this Dublin restaurant received massive support after there was a last-minute cancellation of a booking.

The chef at the restaurant tweeted their frustration at the manner in which the cancellation was made but received a serious amount of support from regulars who were happy to scoop in and rescue the table or to pay the price of a meal for the restaurant.

Cancellations at any time of the year must be the bane of a restaurant and chef's life and meal requests must be up there also.

Michelin Bib Gourmand winning Cork Restaurant, Bastion tweeted out from their main account venting their anger at a last minute 'request' by a customer.

They said that a table had "booked 2 weeks ago" but only gave a "10 mins notice of a gluten free & dairy free" diet requirement.

This requirement was a must for the customer and was stressed when the order was taking. However, after "quickly putting together a five course tasting that can work", the chef watched as the person in question ate "Guinness bread and treacle butter [and also wanted] the goats cheese dish as 'that should be ok'".

It seems like the customer must have complained about service because the restaurant went on to add that they "bend over backwards for customers when notice is given."

People on Twitter went on to add that this type of customer is "the hardest to cater for" for not giving notice.

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