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21st Sep 2023

Iveagh Markets to receive €9 million in funding for essential conservation works

Katy Thornton

The markets have been disused for almost 30 years now.

Saving the Iveagh Markets has longtime been a topic of discussion in Dublin, and for those in favour of it, there has been so good news today. Ministers O’Brien and Noonan have announced that there will be €9 million in funding in order to provide essential conservation works for the Liberties’ structure.

The Iveagh Markets are a protected structure on Francis Street, and have been out of use since 1996; it was initially developed by the Guinness family in 1907. Dublin City Council has put forward proposals to carry out essential works, and with this approval of funding, that work can now begin.

“This vital funding will secure the fabric of the beloved Iveagh Markets in the heart of Dublin City and prevent any further deterioration.”

Minister O’Brien said this of the initiative:

“I am very glad to be in a position to provide this funding for Dublin City Council to get on with urgent conservation works to secure the Iveagh Markets.

“We’ve already seen what URDF funding has accomplished in this area with the fantastic public realm works which have been completed on Francis Street.

“Now using further URDF funds we will be in a position to carry out essential works such as conservation repairs to the roofs and works to stabilise the Diocletian style arched windows and associated brickwork – all of which are vital to the integrity of the building.”

Minister Noonan added this to the statement:

“This vital funding will secure the fabric of the beloved Iveagh Markets in the heart of Dublin City and prevent any further deterioration.

“While the future use and management of the building is not included in this specific project scope, it is my hope that the stabilisation of the building will lead to a participative, community-led process that envisions a thriving future for this iconic building as part of the wider redevelopment of Frances Street and Meath Street.

“The people of the Liberties are rightly proud of their historic market traditions and have a deep sense of place, which the Iveagh markets has the potential to be emblematic of.”

Header image via Twitter / Reclaim Iveagh Markets


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