Notorious Evil Killer 'Spotted' In This Part Of Dublin As Search For Him Continues

He's at large somewhere in the capital and family members say that he has the ability to kill again.

Dub Man Jail

Gardaí are still working with the PSNI to find a convicted child killer who entered the capital of the country last week.

The killer, who was jailed in the late 80s for the rape and murder of his niece who was eight-years-old at the time, boarded a train from Belfast to Dublin on September 2

Family members have said that they are certain that he has the ability to kill again.

The killer was 'spotted' in Dublin City Centre over the weekend after a woman claimed on Facebook that she spotted the killer around the corner from Temple Street Children's Hospital.

Her post read:

"That rapist on the run from Belfast is literally after being in Hardwicke Lane when I was driving past.

"He looked straight in the window at me. After parking, he copped me taking the pics and ran, the scumbag!!!"

The woman in question stated that she called the Gardaí to let them know but it has not been confirmed whether who she saw was in fact Clifford.

Clifford was last seen wearing a beanie-style hat, a heavy coat, a dark-coloured backpack and had glasses.

He's around 5 foot 7 inches with medium build, green eyes and fair hair.

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