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14th Nov 2018

PIC: Popular Dublin City Café With Amazing Coffee Has Announced Its Closing Down

Darragh Berry

It seems to be a very worrying time in Dublin. While big franchises are thriving, we are saying goodbye to lots of small places who are unable to compete with the big boys and stay open.

In the last 24 hours alone, we have learned of the news that an iconic Dublin nightclub, a well-loved Dublin cafe and a popular bridal shop have all announced either immediate or imminent closures of their premises.

And now comes the news that Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co. on Dawson Street will shut its doors on November 25.

Their store on South William Street will stay open, however.

‘Sorry to say, Lemon in Dawson St will be closing it’s doors and terrace on the 25th of November to make way for a new big building on what is the fast changing profile of Dawson st which we recognised a long time ago as one of the most attractive streets in Dublin.

‘A Massive thank you to all the amazing customers and workmates we’ve met and gotten to know over the last 13 years! We will put up some pictures from over the years as a reminder of the phenomenal times we’ve enjoyed on this great Dublin Street.

‘Needless to say we will be open in our South William St cafe, another gem of a street, still going strong since 1999! We will be refurbishing South William St in the New Year and are on the look out for new locations and opportunities for Lemon!

‘Once again, Thank you all for helping us build our business in the good times and sticking by us during the lean years, it’s been a great chapter and with a bit of luck will be the start of another!’

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