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PIC: There’s A Viral Story Going Around Involving Leo Varadkar’s Behaviour At A Dublin Chipper And It’s Surely Fake

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We hadn’t thought much about Leo Varadkar’s food behaviour until earlier this week when it was alleged that he had gotten a free meal at a concert in the 3Arena.

Leo Varadkar even had to release a statement on the matter which led to various tweets mocking his comments.

But another story has been doing the rounds on Twitter which allegedly showcases An Taoiseach’s behaviour at a Dublin chipper.

The story seems fake but has gathered serious attention online with thousands of social interactions.

It says that Varadkar was at a chipper in Phibsboro, The Golden Chip, to be exact and apparently got frustrated when the woman behind the counter would not throw in a “few chips” with his burger.

The story goes on to say that Varadkar kept saying it until eventually he got his few chips despite all the commotion.

It is true that the chipper apply a “no few chips” sign but as for Varadkar getting a “few chips” where he shouldn’t have, we think it might be a porky.

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