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04th Jan 2018

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Promises To Build Dublin’s Newest Motorway To North Of The Country

Darragh Berry

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has promised to spend big on travel links between the north and south while in power and first on his list is building a new motorway from Dublin to Donegal via Derry.

Along with this, Varadkar has said that he wants to improve the railway service between Dublin and Belfast. 

The Irish Sun reports that Varadkar has outlined his intentions to focus on the north’s infrastructure as part of a bigger picture of an “All Ireland economy”. 

“There will also be a focus on the North and the All-Island economy, improving infrastructure over the next ten years, building a motorway to connect Dublin and the border counties to Derry and Letterkenny and also examining the Dublin to Belfast rail line,” said Varadkar.

This news comes a few months after Varadkar also promised the public that a motorway between Limerick and Cork would be constructed.

In September, the Taoiseach said this about the Limerick to Cork motorway after the new Tuam to Gort motorway had just been opened:

“It’s (the M17/M18) part of a future Atlantic Corridor which is going to link the entire western seaboard so with this now in place we are going to have a motorway linking Galway to Clare and Clare onto Limerick and in due course we will link Limerick to Cork as well and that’s important because it means that all roads no longer lead to Dublin.”

It’s only a matter of time before the dream of an “All-Ireland motorway” becomes a reality.

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