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20th Dec 2016

Let’s Help Reunite This Lost Wedding Ring With Its Owner


Let’s be honest – it’s been a pretty crappy day for most of us.

The weather’s been obnoxiously awful, the Bank Holiday is over and – worse – we have to deal with the fact that this is basically the last day off we’ll have until Christmas.


But if you think your day’s been a bit of a shitshow, you’ve got nothing on Pat and Mary – a couple whose wedding ring has gone walkies, and ended up in the Spar in Slane.

ring 1

There’s little information on what the inscription means – and whether those dates refer to birthdays or engagement-to-wedding dates – but what we do know is that there’s a couple out there for whom something very precious is missing, and that we’d like to get it back to them.

Can you help?

Know anything? Drop us a mail on [email protected].