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20th Jul 2017

Michael O’Leary Has A Few Choice Words For Those Complaining About Ryanair’s Random Seat Policy


Ryanair head-in-command Michael O’Leary was in flying form (sorry) on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke and Joe Duffy’s Liveline programmes yesterday, where the controversial MD spoke all things seat reservation charges in a heated debate. 

Sean O’Rourke read out a tweet which criticised Ryanair’s randomly assigned seating, describing it as “Ryanair’s rip-off seating policy”.

News of such a policy has seen customers in their thousands get in contact with the low-budget airline to complain about the system outright. 

O’Leary swiftly replied with some choice words of his own:

“We have a free seating policy. If you don’t want to pay a fare of €2 and you choose a random seat, you get it free of charge.”

“If you want to sit beside somebody, you buy a reserved seat, you can do that from €2 and frankly if you’re not happy to pay the €2 to sit beside somebody else, stop complaining.”

“If you have chosen a random seat, you’re getting a random seat, so stop whinging. Pay the €2 like more than 50% or 65 million of our customers do and sit wherever you like.”

His responses are seriously dividing the nation online – with some lauding his honesty and others left simply horrified. 

What do you think? Are these fair words from the Ryanair head honcho?

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