Naked Images Of Vice Principal From School In East Of Country Circulating Online

This image has been described as "very shocking" with one student adding, "I never expected that from this teacher."

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The Irish Mirror is reporting that images of an Irish school's vice-principal have been circulating online.

The man in question is a secondary school teacher and took what is being described as a "naked selfie" in the mirror.

The image has been seen by pupils and parents from the school.

The school is in the east of the country and the teacher has returned to work for the new school year.

A sourced told the publication that: "Nearly everyone in the school is talking about the images. I was sent the pictures, and I found it a bit disgusting to be honest.

"It's very shocking to be honest. I never expected that from this teacher, he always came across as a nice man.

"This man was in a position of power and completely let down his guard.

This comes a couple of months after two schools in the north had to release statements denying that their teachers were involved in a sex tape scandal at a school.

This video allegedly shows two teachers involved in a sex act in a classroom which was filmed secretly from the ceiling of the building.

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