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Need To Stock Up On Protein Powder? Today’s The Day To Do It On The Cheap

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They used to be the sole preserve of meat-head muscle-maniacs, but protein supplements are quickly becoming a kitchen essential for any fitness nerds.

And while they’re definitely a cost-effective way of getting essential nutrients – ain’t nobody able to afford THAT much chicken – the fact that you have to buy such large quantities in bulk can definitely cause a bit of strain when cashflow is tight.

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That’s why today’s deal from MyProtein is a great opportunity to cover off all your needs for the next month – they’re offering any two 2.5kg (5lb approx) pouches for €55 all day, once you use the code MIX40 at checkout.

Given these range in price between €35 and €45, this is a real dinger of a deal. So whether you order up front for yourself, or split the bill with a friend, this is a seriously good opportunity to ensure you don’t run short any time soon.

Check it out here.

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