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05th May 2019

A New York Times Article About Dublin’s ‘Craft Cocktail Boom’ Is Getting Backlash

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A New York Times article about Dublin has been getting some negative attention online over the past couple of days.

Discussing ‘the rise of craft cocktails’, it’s ruffled plenty of feathers for its suggestion that the city and its people were a little bit backwards.

The piece, titled, ‘In the Home of Guinness, a Cocktail Boom Takes Hold’, describes how ‘a new type of bar — focused on craft cocktails and often showcasing the mixing potential of Irish spirits — is steadily gaining popularity’.

People were less than impressed to see the article essentially describing how cocktails didn’t exist in Dublin 10 years ago and are only now becoming a thing.

The opening section describes how, ‘From the heart of Dublin near Grafton Street to the historically working class enclave of the Liberties, a slew of recently opened bars are attracting attention to the art of mixing drinks in the Irish capital.’

The piece later continues, ‘More than a decade ago, the closest thing to a cocktail that could be found in a pub often was a measure of gin over ice, served alongside a small bottle of tonic water.’

You can read the full New York Times article here.

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