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20th Dec 2016

Passenger Kicked Off The LUAS After ‘Shocking’ Racist Attack


A man was removed from the LUAS this week after shouting racist abuse at a fellow passenger.

The incident took place on the Red Line when the man targeted a black woman and told her that “people died to keep your kind out of the country”.

Ciara Kelly, who witnessed the verbal attack, recounted the experience on Today FM’s Anton Savage Show and said that others on the tram were shocked by his comments.

The woman responded by saying: “I live here, I work here, I deserve to be here. Ireland is my home. You’re a horrible man”.

When the tram reached the Smithfield stop, the driver approached the man and demanded that he get off as a result of his behaviour.

“It was very much colour based. He made space for the white Polish girl who was speaking another language. He thought she was the right colour,” Kelly continued.

“It was so raw and vicious. I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen in 2016 in Ireland.”

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