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People Are Being Asked To Watch Out For This Ticket Scam That’s Currently Doing The Rounds

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People of Dublin are being warned about ticket touts attempting to sell fake tickets to the fully sold-out upcoming Ed Sheeran concerts, happening next week in Dublin’s 3Arena. 

According to The Journal, tickets fully sold out for the two shows, set to go on on April 12 and 13, in a matter of minutes. 

Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions has today come out and said that fraudulent tickets are a real scare, and potential concert-goers should be extremely cautious.

“We are once again cautioning fans not to purchase tickets via any secondary sellers or any unofficial source.”

Aiken Promotions then went on to advise fans to not buy tickets from any of the following:

  • Any secondary site
  • Any third party
  • Unofficial selling sites
  • Individual sellers

In a statement, the company noted: 

“Purchasing from these sites or secondary sellers can result in huge financial loss and disappointment for fans who could potentially arrive at the venue having been sold counterfeit tickets, only to be refused entry without recourse.”

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