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11th Oct 2018

“No Phones Cameras Or Recording Devices” Allowed At This Upcoming 3Arena Gig

Darragh Berry

The famous saying goes, if you didn’t record the whole event on your phone, were you event at the gig?

But if you’re heading to this concert next week and were planning on snapping and facebooking the night away, you’re going to be disappointed.

World Famous comedians, Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart play Dublin’s 3Arena on October 17 but fans have been told that there will be a strict ban on mobile phones and are urged to leave it at home or in their cars.

Ticketmaster have said that “no cellphones, cameras or recording devices are allowed” at the event.

But, if you do bring the phone with you, you have to put it into a Yondr pouch.

So a Yondr Pouch is a case that you put your phone into and it automatically locks when you close it.

It still allows phone signal to get through and you will be able to feel the phone vibrate if you get a message or phone call.

However, if you want to interact with your device, you need to bring the pouch outside where it can be unlocked in the lobby with its unique key.

This is not the first time that this has happened at a 3Arena gig.

In September 2017, Chris Rock also banned mobiles from his event so people could live the night through their eyes and nothing else.

According to MCD at the time, Rock “urged his fans to embrace Yondr and to take one night off from being the Paparazzo of [their] own life.

“Chris Rock’s show will be a return to old school entertainment where the great memories of the night will remain in people’s minds and not on a cell phone.”

We’re not too gone at this. We understand why they don’t want people using their phones – illegal recording etc – but what about if we need our phones in an emergency, do we really have the time to go out and begin unlocking this contraption.

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