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PIC: Dáil Cameras Refused To Show Minister’s Repeal Jumpers While In Dáil Chamber

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Today saw thousands of women, men, children and dogs take the streets of Dublin to reclaim back what is rightfully, fundamentally and biologically theirs – their own bodies.

While the march resonated with some and inspired others, it seems that not all public forums are all that appreciative.

The cameras working day-to-day in the Dáil pick up some of the most iconic moments in our country’s political history, yet has tactfully decided to leave out others.

Omitted from today’s broadcast was TD Ruth Coppinger’s choice of outfit – i.e. the ever-popular ‘REPEAL’ jumper, made popular by feminist clothing designer, Anna Cosgrave.

At the time, Ms Coppinger was discussing the eighth amendment and women’s rights with Minister Simon Harris.

The cameras filmed her side profile to avoid her politically-activated shirt from hitting public agenda.

We want to hear from you. Do you think this action was fair game, or over the top from the powers-that-be?

Let us know in the comments.

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