PIC: This Driver In Dublin Is Basically Having The Worst Sunday Of All Time

Now that's just rough...


We can all agree that Sundays are pure shite.

Hangovers, the prospect of work in the morning, the Fear, the second wave of the hangover... it's all too much even at the best of times.

But for this Dublin driver, the pure shitery of it all escalated to a whole new level – as reported in this tweet from the Garda Traffic Corps...

Ah here...

As if the flat tyre wasn't enough to send that poor individual into the depths of Sunday despair.

And we're not sure if it was related to this tweet, which followed shortly after...

... but either way, the boys in blue are inflicting quite a lot of misery on the forlorn folks of Dublin today.

Even if it is deserved, that's a bit rough.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan