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13th Sep 2018

PIC: We Guarantee You’ve Never Noticed This Crazy Feature On Your Irish Passport


Today started off as any normal day. Wake up, work, coffee, work, lunch, work.

Pretty normal that is, until an absolute genius on Reddit pointed out something about the Irish passports that has genuinely left us shook (in a seriously impressed kinda way.)

Did you know your passport has TRICOLOUR stitching?!

Yes, really. See?

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Image: Reddit

While the passport in the thread is a fancy schmancy new one, we just did a little confirmation check and even the older Irish passports have it too.

Just flick to the very middle of your passport (where Visa numbers 18 and 19 are) to see this display of patriotism in the flesh.

Charming attention to detail or a complete wasted effort? We can’t decide.

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