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25th Jul 2017

PICS: These Adorable Dogs Are In Desperate Need of A Home


Services like the DSPCA and Dogs Trust do incredible work for animals around the country.

It’s a shame that we need places like these to rescue abandoned animals and bring them back to health, yet there are so many incidents of this and so many animals in need.

Every so often we see a post of animals looking for a home that we just can’t forget about. 

This week was no different. The DSPCA recently appealed for help for two pups in their care; Otto and his mum Olive.

They’ve been in the shelter for a few months now and are desperate to be rehomed together.

They promise that they’re gentle and kind, and all they want is to be taken on walks and loved.

Our hearts.

How can you resist those eyes?!

Tag any of your friends who you think might be able to help <3

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