This Dublin Neighbourhood Is Overrun With Rats Right Now

“The rats are on my flat roof, bringing up food, scratching and squeaking. It’s terrifying”

Rats Galore

Following Dublin City Council's news of increasing rat infestations in the city and the surrounding areas, this story shouldn't come as much of a surprise. But unfortunately, it's still pretty shocking. 

Marion Kelly (58), who lives with her daughter and two-year-old grandson in Phibsborough, is spotting the rodents scurrying around her house each and every day, with no sign of stopping. 

The council have agreed that the reason for this is illegal dumping. Whereas locals in the area believe that dumping as well as disruptive construction work are to blame.

Some have reported they have counted up to 50 rats in their backyards. Luas construction work is happening nearby, which is where the problem lies, according to residents. 

Ms Kelly went on to mention:

The rats are on my flat roof, bringing up food, scratching and squeaking. It’s terrifying.

Talking to, the Phibsborough resident revealed that the infestation has become worse since April. Marion feels she must always have her windows closed, and that she can’t even let her grandson play outside, for fear of receiving a bite. 

Dublin City Council have said in a statement that a number of measures are being put into place to help alleviate the problem.

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