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23rd Nov 2018

PIC: Piers Morgan Just Tweeted About Dublin And Dubliners Are Laying Into Him

Darragh Berry

Piers Morgan is controversial to say the least.

He’s a great broadcaster in fairness, he’s loud and has to be heard above anyone else but he asks the questions that need to be answered.

He believes that everyone has a voice and opinion and everyone is allowed to express that as much as they want.

And he does, fair play to him.

Twitter is a strong platform for him and he’s no stranger to getting some hate thrown his way for his comments.

But sometimes, even when he’s being extremely nice, he still gets a bollocking from people.

Take this tweet about Dublin for example:

A nice little shoutout to Dublin from Morgan there, or so he thought. People started absolutely laying into him after he tweeted:

“Dublin’s absolutely rocking at the moment: full employment, hordes of big international companies racing to be located there, excellent integration of mainly Polish immigrants who contribute hugely to the success story.

“Great nightlife & hotels too”

It didn’t sit well with the Dublin public.

“Struggling to keep up with the rental market too, people earning normal wages in Dublin can no longer afford an apartment and now ‘room sharing’ is on the up with landlords charging extortionate prices to share a room with other people. Just so you know the other side of the ‘boom.'”

“And record levels of homelessness but sure it’s all relative.”

“That full employment you mention is made up of 0hours contracts and bogus back to work schemes that go on for years.”

“A bubble just waiting to be pricked once again! #overheating”

Homeless on every corner of every street and rent prices almost double London.”

There’s hundreds of replies similar to the ones above talking about homelessness, a false economy and the price of rent. He probably won’t delete it but the replies are going to get worse and worse, too.

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