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21st Feb 2018

This Protest At Lunchtime In Grafton Street Had Everyone Stopping And Talking

Darragh Berry

If you were walking down Grafton Street minding your own business on Wednesday during lunchtime, you definitely stumbled upon this protest that took place in the middle of the street. 

Political party, Solidarity, held a picket on a Grafton Street branch of Permanent TSB in Dublin at lunchtime on Wednesday in protest at the threat of the sale of mortgages to vulture funds.

It comes as the banks says it is pressing ahead with the controversial sale of non-performing mortgages worth €3.7 billion.

The portfolio – which includes loans on 14,000 family homes – is to be sold off to so called “vulture funds”.

Fianna Fáil is insisting legislation is needed to ensure vulture funds are regulated.

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