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20th Dec 2016

Remember Denise Ryan? She’s Looking For Someone To Organise A Father Ted-Themed Treasure Hunt In Dublin


Last month, we told you about Denise Ryan.

She was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, and having been let down by the system here – she waited two years to be diagnosed – she needs to travel to the US to get the dramatic medical intervention she needs to live a normal life again.

And for that, she needs €100k.

As we said at the time, you could get angry about the fact that this has been allowed to happen, or you could do something about it. And Denise has most definitely opted for the latter option.

Not only has she been selling Father Ted-themed T-shirts – on top of a host of other activities, including a very special screening that we’ll tell you about later – but she’s also got bigger Craggy Island-related ideas.

She told us by email today:

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Father Ted episode about the whistle theft on March 29. I was thinking it could be pretty funny to organise a fundraising event that was a treasure hunt around Dublin to find the hidden whistle!

I’d need to find a company that organises those things to do it cheap (or even free!) – but if I could arrange it, it would be cool to do it on a weekend around the anniversary.

So. Are you in events? Do you know someone who works in events?

If so, answer the call – and drop me a line on [email protected] if you’re able to help in some way.

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