REVEALED: Dublin Bus Has Finally Released A Statement Surrounding The Fate Of Network Noel



Dublin Bus has finally brought an end to months of speculation regarding the fate of former corporate mascot Network Noel, who mysteriously vanished from our screens more than a year ago.

Following speculation that he had been relieved of his duties for assaulting a passenger, the transport company finally buckled under repeated questioning from Twitter user @dearbla and made the revelation today.

The questioning was tough and relentless...

But it finally yielded answers

And it turns out that, far from having been stripped of his duties, he's now living quite the charmed life.

Of course, this raises as many questions as it does answers

How did he become a millionaire? How much of Dublin Bus's tax-supported budget was he paid to appear in these ads? 

How does he play golf with no arms?

We'll keep looking into it, and hopefully bring you more details very soon.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan