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19th Jan 2018

Role Of Irish Social Media Influencers ‘Under Review’

James Fenton

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is to review the role of social media influencers in Ireland, RTÉ is reporting. 

The news comes after claims of misleading competitions have come to light in recent days. The CCPC said it is aware of recent reports but has not received any complaints on this issue in either 2017 or 2018.

There is currently no specific reference to blogging or social media influencers in general consumer law but Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland Chief Executive Orla Twomey says that ‘It’s important to note that the rules for advertising apply to all media. So it doesn’t matter what publication is being used. The rules are don’t mislead and don’t offend.’

She also spoke against editing photographs to imply that a certain product can change the way you look, adding:

‘If you are advertising a slimming product and if you take a before and after photograph and if you alter the after photograph and make yourself look thinner, well then you are implying that the product will achieve that result and that’s likely to mislead.’

Influencers have been in the spotlight this week after a prolonged row broke out online between the owner of Dublin hotel Charleville Lodge and an English blogger who had asked to stay there in exchange for exposure.

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