Oh Great - Water Restrictions Will Be In Place In Dublin Until Later This Week

Some people have had no water since Friday

Water Tap

Water restrictions to Skerries and other areas including Barnageeragh, Hamilton Hill, Town Parks, Newtown Parks, and St Patrick's Close will remain in place until the end of the week.

Irish Water has said that despite reservoir levels returning to 75% on Sunday the restrictions would remain in place until levels go back up to an amount that can handle the increased demand due to the warm weather.

The company did confirm that the restrictions would not be rolled out across Dublin and that it hopes the supply will return to normal in North Dublin by Wednesday.

Alternative Water Supplies will be provided at the following locations:

- Newtown Parks near Dublin Road Junction

- Newtown Parks near Selskar Court Junction

- Skerries point Shopping Centre near Eurospar

Be sound and don't wash the car or power hose the driveway for the next while, lads.

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Jennifer Cosgrove