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01st Aug 2023

Spanish Embassy warns citizens to take ‘special precautions’ when travelling to Dublin

Katy Thornton

The US Embassy made a similar warning last week.

Following the recent string of anti-social and violent behaviour in the capital, the Spanish Embassy have updated their security advice which warns citizens to take “special precautions” when visiting Dublin.

The below warning appears on the Spanish Embassy website and has been translated into English:

“Special precautions must be taken in the busiest commercial areas of the main cities and, in particular, in Dublin, due to the presence of pickpockets. Street fights are frequent at night in the areas of Temple Bar and Portobello, and in the area of ​​O’Connell Street, Parnell Square and around Connolly Station, all in Dublin. Dublin is sporadically the scene of bloody confrontations between the families that control organised crime in Ireland.”

Limerick was also mentioned in the warning for citizens travelling to Ireland:

The city of Limerick is one of the main centres of drug trafficking in the country. Some areas of the city are unsafe.”

This comes a week after the US Embassy warned citizens about Dublin, advising people to exercise “good personal security practices” following the assault on an American tourist on Talbot Street.

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US Embassy warns tourists to exercise ‘good personal security practices’ in Dublin

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