A Pub In This European Country Has Changed Its Name To 'Dublin Bar' And They Have A Specific Reason For It

It was called 'The Kings Arm' for over 20 years

Dublin Bar Sweden

Sure look, everybody loves Dublin so much that they want to name their pubs after it.

Even when it's not anywhere near Ireland.

An article in this local Swedish publication has said that a pub once known as 'The Kings Arm' is changing its name to just 'Dublin Bar'

Owner, Jack Hedo decided that The Kings Arm needed sprucing up after 20-years of having the same name.

"It's been called The Kings Arms so long so I wanted to renew a bit so new visitors are curious to look in," Jack said.

Situated in Falun, Sweden, it has one of the most lively scenes in the country and is a great place for Live Music.

It was once a rock club but instead it now hosts quiz nights, karaoke as well as serving yummy tacos.

"We have changed a sign, a new ceilings and freshen up some small prawns. Everyone has been positive so far.

"There are too many restaurants and too few people. It is especially noted for small taverns like us when big places like Falun Bowling & Krog open."

It'll fly now sure once it's called after the greatest city in the world.

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