Tesco Has Just Launched This Avocado Spread

And we're not sure how we feel about it...

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It seems the avocado keeps getting more and more popular, now coming in a variety of forms –some great, some not so great.

Now it seems that our beloved Tesco (home to cheap alcohol and reduced sandwiches come 7pm) has only gone and messed with the giant berry. They've recently started stocking on their shelves a substitute for spreadable butter – avocado spread

Produced in Ireland, the spread contains 24% avocado oil, as well as a mixture of several other ingredients: water, rapeseed oil, palm oil, salt, emulsifier, colour, vitamin A and vitamin D. 

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Photo cred: www.thetab.com

While the spread may have a higher calorie content than Tesco's own brand spreadable butter, it does seem to be higher in vitamins and nutrients than its counterparts.

The product is dairy free, contains less saturated fat and salt than butter, and boasts a high Omega 3 count – but don't expect this to be the answer of all of your #fitfam problems, the first review of the stuff hasn't exactly got us believing that every little helps.

Avocado spread is currently only available in Tesco outlets across the UK, but it's expected to be sold in Ireland in the very near future.


H/T TheTab.

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