'That's All A Lie. I'm Living A Completely Different Life Inside' – This Is What Bravery Looks Like

'Possibly the most nerve wrecking thing I have ever done is writing this and clicking 'Post'.'


Doug Leddin, you're a fucking champ.

We could bang on about why this is – about turning tides and disintegrating stigma and changing society, and a whole manner of other things.

But this guy just got up in front of a camera, told the world he was tired of living a lie, and decided to absolutely own a part of himself that he's long felt a need to hide in the hope that others might find it a bit easier to do the same.

So let's allow him do the talking, shall we?

Watch this video. Read the Facebook post.

Then sing it with us: Doug Leddin, you're a fucking champ.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan