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20th Dec 2016

The Absolute Sass In This Anti-Litter Poster Brings Joy To All Our Hearts


You have to be some prick to dump your household rubbish on the street.

I mean, throwing a crisp bag on the ground is bad enough. But leaving an entire bag of rubbish out on the streets to be picked apart by cats and foxes and ruining the city for everyone?

Prickish. Utterly, utterly prickish.

So, if you’re that sort of person, you deserve a bit of attitude. And that’s exactly what this anonymous dumper on Long Lane in D8 got, with this beautifully crafted message spotted by Louise O’Connor.

Will it make them think twice about their actions?

Well, since they clearly have no conscience or (we’re guessing) soul, probably not. But it’s still a joy to read… and this fella would certainly be proud.


Side note: follow the hilarious Louise O’Connor on Twitter. You can thank us later.