The Boom Is Back, Baby: You Can Now Get Personalised Lindt Bunnies From Brown Thomas

Because if you give someone a plain, nameless rabbit then you are a heartless monster

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Remember the recession?

Those dark days where we had no jobs, no hope, and we all had to make do with plain, non-artisan chocolate that didn't even have our names inscribed on it in gold?

Well we have good news for you: as of today, that era is finally at an end.

And how do we know? 

Mainly because Brown Thomas and Lindt have today launched perhaps the boomiest thing of all time: an "exclusive personalisation service", which allows shoppers to inscribe the name of their choice around the Lindt bunnies' famous red ribbon.

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To be fair, the service doesn't actually cost anything extra – and the bunnies themselves come in at a fairly modest €6, which places them among the cheapest products you'll buy in the store – so it's a pretty nifty little gift.

Boom-time extravagance at recessionary prices?

Looks live we've finally struck that elusive balance...