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14th Oct 2019

The Cat Lounge Will Hopefully Reopen In Dublin

Brian Dillon

When Dublin’s first and only cat lounge closed last year, we were pretty hurt over it.

It was a quirky spot up in Smithfield that really was like no other in the city.

But today, we were given a little glimmer of hope.

The owners wrote on their Facebook page this morning, “Hi everyone!!! We are looking at starting up again!! Possibly with a charity status as one of our main aims is to socialise and rehome homeless cats.

“Did you miss us? We missed you ❤❤ It would mean that we would be looking for investors, a location and some sort of start-up fund. The cat issue in Ireland is crazy, small rescues are bursting with homeless cats and they can’t continue doing that every year.

“We need to educate people on the benefits of TNR (trap, neuter, return)and neutering family cats, which could also help with the overpopulation which is getting increasingly worse every year. By helping with these efforts we have a master plan for Dublin which could spread to the rest of the country, but let’s stick to Dublin for now.

“This could take over a year to develop if everything goes smoothly, but we can’t do anything without your support So what are your thoughts?? Comment below if you wish looking forward to hearing from you ❤❤❤”

The post has received a warm reaction, with one commenter writing, ” I miss you guys! I don’t know anything about running a charity but if ye start up again I will .”

Meanwhile, another wrote, “Absolutely! Would love to volunteer if possible!”

The Cat Lounge closed in August last year after struggling financially.

Having housed over 50 cats during its run, we think the return of The Cat Lounge would be widely celebrated by cat-loving Dubs.