Everybody Panic! The Cost Of Avocados Is About To Surge Due To Unprecedented Demand

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As the avocado is experiencing a growth in popularity, so too is its price.

The superfood is fast becoming a favourite for the health conscious, and this increase in demand is putting serious pressure on producers of the creamy fruit.

Sandra Kajda, category buyer for fruit and vegetable supplier Reynolds, told The Grocer magazine that price increases are inevitable due to the fact that the fruit has become "more of a mainstream product" across the EU, US and Australia.

In the UK alone, avocados have experienced a 25% increase in price, which is only set to worsen.

Compounding the problem, the fruit's Peruvian harvest has been adversely affected by the weather pattern called El Niño, resulting in production falling by a massive 30% this year.

Director of the Peruvian Trade Office in London, Jaime Cardenas, suggested that the newfound popularity of avocado is due to the "unprecedented" coverage the media has given it in recent years.

However, he reassured the public that this price increase will not be permanent and that efforts are being made to increase supplies for the future.

This is one of the reasons behind the strong efforts that are being made in selected markets like the UK, Europe and China.

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