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20th Dec 2016

These New Instagram Stories Features Are Actually Pretty Cool

Alana Laverty

Instagram have announced a major update to Instagram Stories with three brand-new features. 

This’ll be the biggest update to Instagram’s Snapchat-like platform since it launched in August. 

And these new features are actually pretty cool!

1. @ mentions 

You can now tag people in your Instagram stories using @________ .

This is great for when your story is aimed at a specific person – once you’ve mentioned them they get a notification and direct message. 

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2. Boomerangs

Instead of having to import silly GIF-like loops from your camera roll, you’ll now be able to create Boomerangs directly within Instagram Stories. To create a Boomerang, just slide your finger to the right to toggle from normal camera mode to Boomerang mode. 

Img 1223

3. Links

These aren’t available for us normal folk just yet. They’re still in development and will be available for verified users to trial first. 

Links will be kind of similar to Snapchat Discover, however it’ll be more fun for the rest of us – not just for companies and brands. 

For example, you play some new tunes in your Instagram Stories, you can then include the link to them so your mates can find ’em! 

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