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20th Dec 2016

These Secret Netflix Codes Will Give You Access To More Categories


Ever find that when you sit down to watch some Netflix, you just can’t decide on anything? There’s just too much choice in any given category.

If that bugs you, then this little discovery might be of interest: hidden codes have just been revealed which give users access to ‘micro-genres’.

According to Gizmodo, an unofficial website has compiled lists of codes to add to the end of the Netflix URL in order to find more clearly defined genres (the aforementioned micro-genres), so instead of simply accessing ‘Thrillers’ in the hope of finding a good film with Kevin Spacey, you can simply add the code 2284 to access ‘Films Starring Kevin Spacey’. 

Check out a few of these codes below.



If you’re staying in tonight, you might find this pretty handy. You can peruse the full list of the codes here.

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