This 100-Year-Old Love Letter Discovered In Cork Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

"Remember me when this you see. Remember me forever."


Written 100 years ago, this love letter was discovered in recent times in a Cork pharmacy.

While performing renovations on Deasy’s Pharmacy in Macroom, Cormac and Irene Deasy uncovered this long lost note beneath the shop's floorboards.

The only name on the letter is John McCarthy, who was its writer.


Pic: Irish Examiner

The letter appears to contain a version of the nineteenth century poem, 'Would You Care?'. John asks of his unnamed lover,

Remember me when this you see

Remember me forever

Don’t forget the jolly night

We spent in Macroom together.

The love letter is now on display in Deasy's Pharmacy in Macroom.

H/T Irish Examiner.

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