This Changes Everything – McDonald's Testing Sweet Potato Fries

Shut the front door!!!


It's no secret that McDonald's has been feeling the heat around the world, as people move to healthier diets or to more premium burger joints like Shake Shack, Five Guys, and the whole host of independent restaurants and chains. The burger wars are well and truly on.

One offering of the independent burger joint that people have been going wild for are sweet potato fries, and McDonald's look like they're getting in on the act, as they're now testing them in 16 stores in the USA.

All we need to happen now is for the trial to be a massive success and they'll start offering them across the world. Get in!

They've been spotted in the wild!

You'll have to go to one of 16 restaurants in Texas if you want to try their new offering

Make it happen EVERYWHERE please!

Let's just hope they don't turn out like their 'gourmet' burger.

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